About me


 I was born on March 11st 1973 at Bumijawa, a small town at Central of Java, about 400 km from Jakarta, where I spent my lovely and unforgotten childhood. I have a lot of friends there, and I love the village very much. The food is quite delicious.

At that time the weather was very nice, especially when the rainy season came. I liked to watch the rain dropped out side the windows from my room, and also to smell wet ground and grass along the street. We were never afraid about flood, because the location is high and it never happened before at Bumijawa.
In the morning the air was very fresh and I could see Slamet mountain from in front of my room. I liked to wake up in the morning and fed my birds while enjoying the beauty of my village. Sometimes my friends and I rode bycicle along empty street, to watch farmers worked in the field. It’s really a nice place for living for children.

After finishing my elementary school, I continue to study at (SMP) junior high school. That was the greatest time of my childhood. I met some friends who are as naughty as I was, and we made a group, consisted of more than 10 boys. We were very close and our friendship and many crazy things we did during that time made three years at junior school was passed so quickly.

I had to leave my friends, since I went to Government Senior High School, SMA Negeri 1 Slawi, while most of my friends were continuing their study at senior high school. The first two months, we still visited each other, but after that we were busy with our activities and finally I met my new friends, so did they.

At 1993 I left my life town to Depok, the small city (about 10 km from Jakarta) to continue my study at Gunadarma University. That was the first time I stayed away from my parents and my friends. First time it was hard for me to stay away from them but soon I met many people who then became my good friends and then I started to love living at Depok

After 10 years, Depok is very different compare to when I was staying there for the first time. I remember at that time the weather is cool, not as hot as now. And there were only a little Angkot (public transportation) which made the air was less polluted.

I lived at Margonda – Depok until now, start my professional career in PT. Astra Internasional at 1998 until 2001, before i moved to PT. Astra Graphia ( affiliates corporate from PT. Astra International ) until 2007 and now I am work at PT. Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk.

LoVe – Inyong



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